Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Ma Maison

Here you will find a short video (3:12) of me describing basic elements of my house such as how many floors it has, how many rooms, the kind of heating it uses, if it has a pool, etc.
You can use it as a listening comprehension exercise with the fill-in-the-blank google form I created to go along.

1. Watch the video.

3. Personalize the answers to describe your home with this model document

4. Practice your pronunciation using a google doc feature called Voice Typing (under TOOLS).
 Change the default language from English to Français.
Read the model document with your answers in it.
You will be able to identify where you need to polish your pronunciation if the language program doesn't recognize what you are saying.
Perhaps go back to my video, and pay special attention to how I pronounce those words.

Have fun!!!

* Content based on the TACTICS Face à Face red book.

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