Saturday, April 2, 2016

French Learning Video - Silly ABC by Karine

Silly ABC

by Karine

The night after filming my very first video - the SERIOUS ABC one - I dreamed of it all night, searching for a different way to do things. In the morning, my background in theatre came rushing back to me. I explored the whole house in search of random items I could use to make this video a little more interesting. After a couple of hours of practice on how to place the flashcard and props appropriately, I was ready to start filming. At night, that second version got a much better welcome from the girlies, who kept repeating: Encore! Encore! every time it came to its end. Here is the result of that 2nd try - hope you enjoy it like we did!

NB: Both my SERIOUS & SILLY ABC videos were made using the French ABC flashcards published by Éditions Coup d'oeil.


NOVICE - Letters and words

Serious ABC, by Karine.

The good old teacher in me wants to do things right, so I the first time I tried to make a video to teach the French ABC, I carefully went from one card to another, pointing out the tricking ones that make funny or unexpected sounds, and soon enough I ended up with an almost 8 minutes long video. In the evening, I used my 2 daughters, age 3 and a half and 6 and a half, as guinea pigs."Hey girlies, come watch this! I made a video!""Yay, we get to watch tv!!!"

I pressed play and a couple minutes into it, the phone rang and I got pulled away. When I returned, I was still there on the screen, reading each flashcard carefully, but both my girls' attention had moved on to something else. I got the feedback I needed!

My husband liked this video so perhaps it is more appropriate for adults - I don't know - but here it is if you are curious. Feel free to skip, I won't be offended! : )

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