Sunday, April 2, 2017

French Learning Video - What's this for?

C'est pour quoi?

In today's post, I use a simple fork to play around with words and get your kids' ears used to a few common French expressions: 

C'est pourquoi? 
Sounds like: seh poor kwah
(What is it for?)

C'est pour...
Sounds like: seh poor
(It is for...)

The other words used in the video are:

Sounds like: vwah-see
(Here is)

Se gratter la tête
Sounds like: suh gratey lah teht
(To scratch your head)

Creuser dans la terre
Sounds like: kruzey dah lah ter
(To dig in the ground)

Manger des frites
Sounds like: mahzey deh freet
(To eat French Fries)


Encourage your kids to imitate Karine, using a fork and repeating the phrases. Encourage them to find more silly ways to use a fork! Email me your idea and I'll teach you how to say it in French! 

Thanks for watching!

À plus,


Monday, March 27, 2017

French learning Video - Le Dodo by R. Munsch

Le Dodo by Robert Munsch, illustrations by Michael Matchenko, published by Les Editions La Courte Echelle. 

A fairly advanced video for those who would have a fluent aural comprehension of French, those who are fans of Robert Munsch, and those who just plainly enjoy watching my short clips! You don't have to understand everything to enjoy, just sit back and relax! :)

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