Saturday, April 2, 2016

French Learning Video - Silly ABC by Karine

Silly ABC

by Karine

The night after filming my very first video - the SERIOUS ABC one - I dreamed of it all night, searching for a different way to do things. In the morning, my background in theatre came rushing back to me. I explored the whole house in search of random items I could use to make this video a little more interesting. After a couple of hours of practice on how to place the flashcard and props appropriately, I was ready to start filming. At night, that second version got a much better welcome from the girlies, who kept repeating: Encore! Encore! every time it came to its end. Here is the result of that 2nd try - hope you enjoy it like we did!

NB: Both my SERIOUS & SILLY ABC videos were made using the French ABC flashcards published by Éditions Coup d'oeil.


French Learning Video - Les crocodiles sung by Karine

Les Crocodiles, royalty free images; sung by Karine.

This is a song I learned as a child in Quebec. I don't know the origins of it but I had success teaching it to a Kindergarten class at Champlain in Burlington VT last year. The kids would start singing it and doing the gestures every time they would see me at school when picking up my daughter. I created this video with Royalty Free images of the animals enumerated in the song so the kids could keep practicing at home. To help you learn the gestures that accompany each animal, I've added a few videos after the activity ideas. I hope you have fun with this one!

Click the document below to view the Lyrics, Pronunciation, and Translation Chart.


Click here for the Gesture Videos:

French Learning Video - La pizza by S. Romay

La Pizza by Saturnino Romay; illustrations by Annie Mitra; published by Les Éditions Scholastic. 

This movie simply came from the pure joy of having an opportunity to dress up and be silly! The short, single word sentences are perfect for beginners, and for memorizing words by doing an action. I haven't had a chance to add a follow-up activity yet, but it's in the works... Bon Appétit!


French Learning Video - La partie de soccer by G. Maccarone

Une Partie De Soccer by Grace Maccarone; published by Les Editions Scholastic. 

I got inspired to do this movie when my 6 years old daughter looked so sad to have to do another season of soccer. I don't think it's her thing! She's more of a monkey bars kind of gal, but I thought it would be fun to try team sports... not! I agreed that this season could be her last (for now at least) but that we could try to make it more fun by working on this video together. Here's the result!


Friday, April 1, 2016

Resources I used with my kids





I woke up that morning with the idea of teaching the pronunciation of the French alphabet using a set of Flashcards I'd had for a while but never got around to using. Once I figured out what background to use, how to set up my husband's tripod, how to use his camera and stage lights, I was ready to start using my spontaneous movie studio in a corner of my bedroom! Good enough, I was ready for a try! 

This is the card set I used by Editions Coup d'oeil. I couldn't find a link to purchase them online but I posted a link to a similar set above. 

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